These are just a few remedies. The Lord has much more to relieve us of pain and discomfort. By using these remedies, you are responsible for the possible reactions that may or may not occur. You have the right to treat yourself. Remember Prevention is better than Cure.
"The distinction between prevention and cure has not been made sufficiently important. Teach the people that it is better to know how to keep well than how to cure disease. Our physicians should be wise educators, warning all against self-indulgence, showing that abstinence from the things that God has prohibited is the only way to prevent ruin of body and mind." --MS. 99, 1902.  {MM 221.1}
Combine 1 TBSP of honey with 2 TBSP of lukewarm water, then add a small amount of cinnamon powder and stir into a paste. Massage the paste into the affected area.
Minor Burns
Combine 1 TBSp of honey with 1 TBSP of baking soda. Spread mixture over burn and cover with  a sterile gauze pad.
A few drops of lavendar oil over the burn
Nature's Penicillin
This can be used effectively for the following purposes; colds, flu, sore throat, infections, respiratory problems, and as a general immune strengthener.
1 Grapefruit
1 Orange
2 Lemons
3 Cloves of Garlic
1/2 large Onion
3 drops of peppermint oil
 Cut fruit and onion into pieces, Place into blender with enough water so that mixture can blend well. Add peppermint oil last. Pour into a glass jar, cover with a lid and keep refrigerated. When ready to use warm in a suce pan No Microwaves before serving.
Adults 1 cup a day taken by spoonfuls throughout the day
Children 1/2 a cup a day give small doses
Aloe Vera plant- cut open and apply directly over wound. Cover with bandage or gauze.
Cayenne or Golden seal place on the wound.
Rub down with tepid water
Yarrow, Peppermint, Chamomile, or Catnip tea
Take unsulphured Blaskstrap molasses 1 -2 TBSP every morning
Iron Tonic
-Grape Juice with raisins, apricots, prunes, figs. Soak fruit first in water then add to grape juice and drink every morning.
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